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Hillend Sheds and Fencing (Martley) Ltd  is a long-established, traditional family business which has been working with timber along Martley Hillside for a number of generations. At present, Philip and Rachel Brooke run the timber yard, manufacturing all types of timber products.

Rachel’s great, great grandfather Williams was a wheelwright in Abberley who specialised in making long ladders for fruit pickers. He moved to Martley and worked for the Earl of Dudley on the Great Witley Estate making gates and doing all the woodwork repairs. When the Dudleys sold the estate, Williams started a business on his own, which is when it all started.
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The beginning

Bob Williams took over the business in 1936 and started to make high quality gates for which he became famous throughout the county. He also bought and sold round timber, supplying pear wood to Waterford Glass in Southern Ireland to purify glass until fruit farming in the area had declined and the supply of pear trees had finally run out.

Time for expansion

Rachel’s father Andrew, along with his wife Barbara, expanded the business along Martley Hillside, employing local men from within and around the village - setting up a working sawmill to supply the woodworking factory, which is where all the manufacturing is still done today.

The sawmill was once used to cut walnut wood which was used for making gun stocks. Elm was used by Ercol for furniture making, but when the dreaded Dutch elm disease struck, Andrew bought all the elm on the county council property and was responsible for the felling, clearing and merchanting of the majority of elm felled in Worcestershire at that time. Various kinds of timber have been purchased over major estates in the county, as well as woodland in Wales, where 58,000 trees have been planted to mature into beech and conifer.

With the post-war increase in home ownership, Andrew and Barbara began to manufacture and sell fencing panels, sheds, greenhouses, conservatories and gates. English oak was big on the market for restoration work on listed buildings, churches and general conversions, and has even been supplied to the Department of the Environment, National Heritage and to British Waterways for the maintenance of lock gates.
Timber work
Rachel and Philip took over the wood working side of the business in 2000, finding work for approximately 15 full and part time staff. Our business has grown dramatically since the days of village wheelwright, supplying and producing some outstanding bespoke timber structures from small garden sheds to large timber buildings workshops, garage, stables, offices, sheds, summerhouses, fences, gates, greenhouses (timber and aluminium) to dog kennels, just to name a few! Manufactured and designed to customer specifications, delivered and fitted.
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Hillend Sheds and Fencing (Martley) Ltd offers a wide range of services including fencing, stable and summerhouse installations. We have been proudly serving Worcester and the surrounding areas for over 80 years. For detailed information on our services and a FREE estimate, get in touch with our experienced staff.
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